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Lemon Litsea Cubeba Shea Butter

by Skincare by Feleciai
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Ugandan nilotica shea butter 100% organic and wild harvested.  Produced by a women’s co-op, this shea butter is creamy white, odor free and it just melts into your skin. Organic shea butter, essential oils and vitamin E, that’s it. Shea Butter benefits include wound-healing, anti-bacterial properties to heal skin problems in a healthy, soothing way. Highly concentrated with super potent, anti-aging vitamins and antioxidants to protect and restore for healthy, nourished skin.

Unscented – Sensitive to scent?  This is the product for you.  This butter is creamy, pure with no lingering scent.

Lavender – Need to feel calm throughout the day while softening your skin?  Try Lavender shea butter for soft skin and soothing thoughts.

Peppermint – For when you want a cooling pick me up along with soft skin.  Peppermint shea butter is soothing, cooling and just the right thing after a hot bath or shower.

Eucalyptus Peppermint – Did you want to create the smell of a spa right in your bathroom?  Eucalyptus Peppermint is the ticket to bring the spa to your front door.

Lemon Litsea Cubeba – Looking for a little twangy sweetness but with a warm kick?  Lemon Litsea Cubeba smells good enough to eat, but it is much better on your skin.

Peppermint Tea Tree

Orange Cinnamon – Let the warmth of cinnamon, the spiciness of cloves and the sweetness of orange follow you the rest of the day when you use Orange Cinnamon Shea Butter.

Lavender Tea Tree


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